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Covid-19 stopped our lives for a quarter of a year, but we did not let this deter us. Players trained via ZOOM 7days a week. There is never a time to rest on your laurel!

An exciting year to remember! We joined our first BWF competition in Dubai and came back home with a champion. We did a badminton exchange camp to China as well. Also, we ventured into coaching school team. Our DBTC app was also launch on this year!
Although badminton is a non-contact sport, those who regularly play can still sustain some injuries. Players are required to frequently flick their wrist, lunge and change direction quickly, which can subsequently cause several overuse injuries. To support our players in reaching the top of the game, we felt that it was important to offer prevention and rehabilitation. Not just this, we had our inaugural End of Year award presentation to recognize players for their efforts.

3 years of training young players, it was time to put them to test. Elo Challenge is a type of competition where members play matches against each other and move up and down in the ranking as they win or lose.


We began our big group training of more than 20 players each session. We had our first assistant coach joining us and helped us gained a stronger foothold in the industry. Beyond the usual badminton training, celebrating festivals and birthday became part of our club’s tradition.


Our Singapore base expanded rapidly, and we began building a strong foundation in our backend operation. We also had strong support from parents as well. In this year, we incorporate physical training into our usual skills class as we felt that this is an equally important aspect in badminton.

In our fifth year, it was time to start a new base In Singapore. We commenced with private training and small group sessions (<5 players) to get a feel on ground.

A few foreign clubs heard of us and contacted us to arrange for friendly match play. We are so over the moon and welcomed them to Malaysia warmly.

We decided to start our own local friendly match play and welcome other clubs to join us for a few games. It was a exhilarating experience!

This was a breakthrough year for us. We debuted in our international competition and fought well in country wide Malaysia tournament. We successfully won some of the top 3 placing.


We grew steadily and started to travel interstate for school and state competition. This was our very first travel out of Johor for club matches.

Located in a district in southwest Johor, Malaysia, Rachel started her foundation class for beginners and competitive players in a well-used badminton hall. In that same year, DBTC travelled to different province and begin to compete.

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